Vrisses has the best yoghurt in Crete

It is a pretty village in Crete on the Rethymno-Chania road, the center of the Apokoronas municipality. The place is famous for its amazing nature. The village’s Greek name is meaning “fountains”. Several rivers flow and merge with each other in its area: Boutakas, Farmakera and Vrysianos. They become full-flowing only during the rainy season. Many trees grow here, and the fertile soil contributes to the development of agriculture.

Vrisses’ village center is unusual for Crete because it is centered on the Boutakas River, which is just a stream in summer: stone banks with small embankments, wooden bridges, huge green plane trees, which provide coolness in the most intense heat: there are many taverns in the shade of the trees. Everything is delicious, but prices are usually tourist-related due to the presence of many travelers. The main national road of Crete passes through the northern part of the village; and the road to the southern coast of the island, Chora Sfakion, also begins here.

An attraction that deserves special attention is the famous yoghurt produced by the inhabitants of Vrisses because local yoghurts are so delicious that their fame has spread far beyond the region. This sour milk product, remarkable in its taste and useful properties, is served in any of the local taverns. Although several types of this product are made here at once, we recommend purchasing yogurt in clay dishes. Try also local honey, cheese and ice cream from sheep’s milk.

Travelers love also to take a photo of the ancient arched bridge, which is located to the east of the village in dense thickets, very close to the highway and the small church of St. George. It is believed that the bridge “Elliniki kamara” (“Hellenistic arch”) is the largest and oldest surviving arch bridge in Crete. It has been known since Greco-Roman times and is about 2000 years old. Just behind it you can see a small section of an ancient road paved with stones.

There are no cult sights directly on the territory of Vrisses, because the village is small, but its favorable location makes reachable a number of interesting places of the region. The traditional Cretan village of Vamos is about 4 mi away. They tried to preserve as much as possible authenticity there. The streets are striking with ancient buildings, restored with great precision. After all, each building has its own history and is a witness to the great events of the past. Nearby are some of the most popular seaside resorts of north-west Crete: Kalyves, Almyrida and Georgioupoli, from where a many miles-long sandy beach begins. 6 mi southeast of Vrisses, there is the only freshwater lake of natural origin on the island—Kournas.

The distance between the airport and Vrisses is about 68.5 mi; it is reachable by car in 1.5 hours. The track to the western part of the island is very colorful along the national road, as it passes next to the sea coast. Therefore, you will not regret your trip.