Newspapers «Новая Греция. The New Greece» и «Новый Крит, The New Crete» in Russian and English languages. Published at least once a month.

Founder, Publisher and Distributor:

PE DUBROVSKIY VIKTOR NIKOLAEVICH, Gilyarovskogo st., 53-10, Moscow, Russia, 129110.

The interests of newspapers on the island of Crete (Greece) are represented by OPS CRETE IKE «TheNewCrete», Greece, Heraklion, Evropis&Koronaio 7. T.K. 71201.

The work on the newspaper was attended by: Viсtor Dubrovskiy (Chief Editor), Boris Sukhanov (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), Svetlana Zaitseva (journalist), Oleg Loginov (author and translator), Sergey Karagyaur (Director of OPS «TheNewCrete»), Evgeny Golovinov (designer and site administrator), Nikita Mayorov (layout), Gamdulaev Javid, Alex Dubrovskiy.

The newspaper is not responsible for the information published for promotional purposes. Using the materials of the newspaper for reprinting is allowed only with reference to the newspaper. The point of view of the authors of the newspaper does not always coincide with the position of Publisher and Editorial.

Distributed free of charge.

For advertisers contacts:

Crete, Greece:
Sergey Karagyaur +30 694 9978516  (Russian, Greek)

Russia, Moscow:

Boris Sukhanov + 7 925 3036903 (