Gin with a taste of Crete

How good it is, this genuine clear drink in a short glass with ice cubes! A juniper flavored one. Connoisseurs will perceive notes of citrus, coriander and cinnamon in the aftertaste. This is the classic English gin.

The idea to experiment with leaves of grape, olive and fig came to the champion of MasterChef (the most popular international culinary competition), Irini Tzortzoglou, a Cretan woman.

In England, where Irini moved, genuine food and drinks, quality and freshness of products are just as valued as in Crete. At the Shed One distillery, she saw how painstakingly they selected the bouquet of gin from local herbs; and it got the idea to create a gin with taste and aroma of her homeland.

She was born and raised in Crete, in a small village. The family was not rich but hospitable and generous. Her grandmothers knew how to make delicacies from the most ordinary ingredients! Part of the love in which she bathed was from them—from the grandmothers (γιαγιά in Greek).

“Yiayia Irini was nurturing and hospitable, Yiayia Stavroula—tender, warm and generous.

The Grandmothers who pass on life lessons and leave beautiful memories are valued and revered by people”, says Irini Tzortzoglou.

Therefore, the name of the drink which an exclusively female team worked on is Yiayia Gin.

“Yiayia Gin boasts the qualities of a classic London Dry Gin with carefully selected botanicals, sourced from the island of Crete” say experts. “An impressive piquant flavor”, say British consumers.

What will the Cretans say? We’ll know in time.

If you manage to buy a bottle of Yiayia Gin, don’t forget to make the first toast to the grandmothers’ health!