Category: Greeks in Russia

“You have the sun—you have a smile”

The faces of the Greeks are sunny, and you are hanging on to them: it may be during the September Acropolis festival in the Hermitage garden or at a presentation of the book “1000 years together …” in the Moscow House of Nationalities on December 13, 2018 In the hall I see a very familiar […]

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Tatyana, Russian through and through…

«This is about me,” says Tatiana Metaxa, deputy director of the Moscow Museum of the East and half Greek. Tatyana Сhristoforovna was born, grew up and lives all her life in Mamma Moscow, as she calls her native city. But what about the Greek half of blood and soul, about her golden-brandy surname that unites […]

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Greeks in ancient Moscow

It’s unlikely for the Greek monks and scholars Ioannikios and Sophronios Leichoudes going to distant Muscovy in 1683 that they could ever imagines a situation when more than three centuries later a group of Muscovites would listen to the story about them near a monument to them as enlighteners at the Epiphany Church… … Listen […]

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