Tariffs for advertising in the newspaper «The New Crete»

The main parameters of the newspaper «The New Crete»
The newspaper «Новый Крит. The New Crete» is published one time a month.
The newspaper bilingual: Russian and English.
Newspaper full color.
Format 16 pages (295 х 380).
Circulation on the island of Crete at least 5000 copies in Moscow not less than 15000 copies. A total of at least 20,000 copies.
Distributed free of charge.


The cost of advertising in Euro (depending on parts of the page and number of issues of the newspaper) without VAT

Part of the page 1/6 1/4 1/3 1/2 1 page 2/1 spread
1 issue 50 70 90 130 190 360


Advertising for 3 months – 5%, for 6 months – 10%, for a year – 15% (on the front page advertising is not placed!).
Advertising agencies: +10%.

Positioning. Selection of a specific page by the customer  – 15%.
Preparation of the text of advertising (30% placement in 2 issues)
Customized articles (price by agreement).

In the absence of positioning, the editorial staff will independently determine the location of the advertising module.

Contact persons on Crete:
Karagyaur Sergey, +30 6949978516 (
Morozova Olga, +30 6980494068 (

Contact persons in Moscow:
Boris Nikolaevich Sukhanov, +7 925 3036903 (