It is worth visiting! The Festival of shepherds and cheese-makers in August

There is a great news for all lovers of Cretan cheese! On April 21, Manolis Parasiris, a hereditary cheese-maker with vast experience, as well as an active member of the Zoniana village team, laid a cheese for the 10th anniversary festival of shepherds and cheese-makers in Zoniana, which will take place on August 15 directly opposite beautiful Sfendoni Сave. This is a graviera, one of the most delicious and expensive Cretan cheeses. The weight of the cheese is usually about a ton, and in order to make such a colossus they use about 8 tons of sheep’s milk! All the shepherds of the region donate milk for this holiday. The milk will be pasteurized, and then veal pepsin is added: it is a cheese sourdough. When the cheese is curdled, it is putted into a shape. At first, it is turned over every half hour, and then every hour. After a month and a half, it is transferred to a special refrigerator, where it will be turned over once a week at a temperature of +4 degrees. Thanks to experience and care of professionals, the cheese is always delicious. Four people cut it with a huge knife, a cleaver; and this cheese is distributed at the festival to everyone for free. At the festival, there are also always plenty of souvlaki, beer, national music, dancing and the real Cretan fun.

Сome to taste the most delicious graviera in the world!

June 2019