The Different Types of Metaxa Explained

Probably, there are experts who can distinguish the taste of four-year-old “Metaxa” brandy from a 12-year-old one. For the rest, here is a cheat sheet.

  •  Metaxa 3 stars is the most spicy variety, so it is advised to drink it with lemon or ice to reduce the harshness of the taste.
  •  Metaxa 5 stars in a pyramidal branded bottle. Here, brandy is softer and has a fruity-vanilla flavor.
  •  Metaxa 7 stars in an amphora bottle is the most popular variety. It has a noticeable Muscat touch.
  •  Metaxa Grand Olympian Reserve (8-15 years of aging) – Olympic series, bottled in special amphorae of fine porcelain with Greek ornaments. “The aroma is delicate, feminine, sweetish, honey, dried apricots, ripe yellow plums, fragrant summer herbs.”

  •  Metaxa Grand Fine (8-15 years of aging) is a gift option in opaque ceramic jugs. “The smells of oak, sweet spices, dried apricots and plums are guessed.”
  •  Metaxa 12 stars is “a drink of diplomats”, with a slight tobacco flavor. It was the first alcoholic beverage to have traveled to space.
  • Metaxa Honey Shot has an addition of dark honey collected on plantations of tea roses.
  •  Metaxa Private Reserve (20–30 years) is the most expensive variety with some addition from the six-ton barrel “Spyros”, laid down more than 70 years ago by the grandson of the company founder, Spyros Metaxa. It is amber brandy in crystal bottles.

  •  Metaxa Angel’s Treasure (50 years) is the softest and most “silky” of all brandies, a ladies’ version with notes of bitterness resembling citrus peel and chocolate.
  •  Metaxa AEN (30–80 years of aging!)—“eternal” (from the Greek word aen) brandy, created for the 120th anniversary of the company. 70-year-old raw materials from the Spyros barrel are also added to it. You will recognize it by a round box, upholstered in natural thin skin of orange color. This strongest variety has alcohol by volume strength 45.30 and is infused with zest of red oranges, and fried walnuts.

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