Heat of October!

If you plan to come to Crete in October, then you are in luck. It is exactly the time when the Cretans begin making fresh brandy (or tsikoudia, grape moonshine), a constant companion of Cretan feasts and gatherings!

Visit the traditional Cretan villages at this time. During the trip, you will learn all the secrets of Cretan moonshine, as well as add brandy to your stocks of gifts from the island. Traditional meze (snacks), meat on fire, music and tales are included.

Some useful facts about raki:

It’s hard for Crеtaphiles to imagine this, but half a century ago nobody drank raki(!!!) It was considered to be a drug. For example, if a person has a headache, then rub brandy over the palms and massage the sore spots. The pain will pass. If you rub over your chest and neck, your cough will calm down, and if you rub brandy over your nose, your cold will disappear. This is what Cretans told me. The main thing here is that it should be a 20% brandy: a stronger one burns. Those who have tried say that it really helps for a while.