50 shades of April

“April Crete – what is it like?”—We asked some Cretans and heard such responses:

“It is green, bright, blue, sunny, warm. It has odor of grass, flowers, warmth and life. Mountains have 50 shades of green, and mach more than this are poppies, chamomiles, cornflowers, clover, many different yellow flowers. The trees and shrubs have new branches with light green leaves; and the sea reflects the sky color: it is blue-blue.

The breeze is quite pleasant and warm; many are already beginning to swim, or at least to walk barefoot on the water near the shore. The sun is deceptive: you need to be careful when sunbathing to avoid getting burnt.
It is already warm-warm in the daytime, so a T-shirt and jeans are the most comfortable clothes, and light jacket does not hurt, if it is cool in the evening.

The island wakes up after hibernation. They are ending final preparations for the tourist season. Coming to Crete at this time, you will see how they are preparing umbrellas on the beaches to the new season, repairing and painting furniture and hotel rooms. After the winter, women renovate garden of home flowers: those on the steps of the houses and decorating the balconies. Cars of seedlings and flowers sellers drive around the villages. Farmers and gardeners are planting tomatoes in the open ground, cucumbers, and peppers: all that requires a warm average daily temperature… April on Crete, it’s a good time to paint landscapes and take pictures, catching a riot of flowers and spring greenery against the snow-capped mountains before the whole outlook will change.