The spring in Crete is beautiful!

A visit to Crete is like a visit to a dream-land: sun and sea, picturesque landscapes, fresh air, pristine nature, and organic products.

The island remains very attractive for tourists and not only for sightseeing even in winter months and in March: during the off-season. In the beginning of spring, Crete will please you with an inexpressible number of flowering wild and ornamental plants. On the southern coast, you can find warm, dry, sunny weather in January and February days, not to mention the beginning of spring. This is an excellent option to lighten up the atmosphere of cold and gray Russian everyday life.

In early spring, those who seek the pristine nature will like Crete. The saturated with moisture soil beautifully decorates the island, bringing in its color palette bright fresh colors. After monotonous Russian landscapes you do not immediately get used to such splendor.

Be prepared to fall on some of celebrations when you come to Crete in spring.

Come! Crete is waiting for you!