Mirabello Gulf

Everyone who is interested in vacation in Crete, at least once heard or met mentions of the Mirabello Gulf “with a beautiful view.” According rumors, this romantic name was given him by Venetians for its beautiful views, and the gulf is one of the most famous places on the island.

It has bright turquoise water. Being on the sea in the Gulf of Mirabello, one wants to look around without stopping for hours. The photos do not convey all its beauty. It is better that you see the gulf with your own eyes.

It’s located in the Cretan Sea, in the eastern part of the island, which belongs to the region of Lasithi. The gulf stretches from a little-known wild beach called Homatystra to the village of Mokhlos. The entire coastal line of the gulf is cut by large and small bays with wonderful wide open or sheltered by the rocks beaches.

The biggest city in this region is Agios Nikolaos located directly on the shore of the bay. Sometimes, with some exaggeration, Agios Nikolaos is considered a likeness of the French city of Saint-Tropez. On the streets of the former, there are many ancient Venetian buildings and churches. The city is famous for its freshwater lake of Voulismeni, which is connected to the sea by a canal. The lake has a natural origin and is a kind of geological miracle. It is believed that the goddess Athena bathed in the lake, and it has been formed during the settling of a volcanic crater.