Amari … the heart of Crete

At the foothills of the sacred and highest mountain in Crete – Psiloritis stretches the verdant Amari valley surrounded by villages, endless olive groves, rare nature richness and 1642 aboriginal, nature-found kinds of flora.

Goats and sheep are browsed on wild herbs and grass, drink water from spring and rest under apple and cherry trees in order, the next morning, to offer their milk. The very same milk you wish your children to drink, to make cheese with or get its top cream and spread it on your bread.

The cheese dairy factory of the company Manoukarakis SA is located exactly in the valley of Amari. Our philosophy: with respect to tradition, with the knowledge of the art of cheese production, with the insistence on the excellent quality of the final product, with insistence on keeping the correct treatment, with patience in the maturing times, with a desire for constant improvement and development, but above all with love for man and interest in his diet, we create the cheese we want to have at our table, offer our relatives, feed our children and enjoy its benefits.

We present you our leader … Amarino!

The foam of Psiloritis!

Creamy and light, this cheese is made from sheep and goat milk, 25% (sheep) -75% (goat), produced immediately after pasteurization of milk, placed in special coagulation containers for 1 day, hanging in pants to expels its liquids and is packed in just 3 days after its production!

Low fat (only 16%), but rich in.

The freshest cheese that can reach your table and be consumed purely or in dozens of salty and sweet recipes.

Recipes by Eva Parakentaki

Cheesecake with Amarino

For the base

350 grams of stuffed white biscuits with white filling

120 g of cow butter at room temperature

For cream

350 g of cream

150 grams of powdered sugar

400 g Amarino

1 lemon (zest)

For the sauce sour cherry

1kg of compote cherry or cherry (Make cherry compotes)

2 tbl. corn flour

2 tbl. powdered sugar

The base

Brush the biscuits in the moulti until they make them dust. Add the butter and work with your hands until we have a crisp result.

In a buttered form we lay, the biscuit mixture and press it with a glass until it sticks and the surface is flattened. Bake the cookie in a preheated oven at 180°C for 10 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

The cream

Beat the cream with the powder in a light whipped cream. Put the zest and the Amarino together and join with a marion with bottom-up moves. Pour the cream over the biscuit and place the mold in the fridge for 2 hours to freeze.

Sauce or cherry

Drain sour cherries or cherries. Put in the deep frying pan the juice of the sour cherries, the cherry, and the corn flour. We continue to wire until it is tied. Remove it from the fire and put the drained sour cherry. Let the sauce cool down and then spread it on the frozen chips.

We refrigerate about 30 minutes.



Ag.Pelagia – Missiria- Rethymno


Cheese Dairy Kalogerou – Amari