Avocado in Crete and Argyroupoli

Do you know that in Crete are growing avocados? Yes, they are!

Avocados are growing in parts of Crete with temperate climate and enough water. Here the avocado is characterized by high quality and unique taste! On Crete, they are accustomed to adding avocados to salads with lemon and olive oil! Try them!

Avocado is considered an exotic fruit and often, when talking about it, one mentions as places of its growth Africa, Brazil, Australia, the tropics and subtropics.

The avocado grows also in Greece! However, as a rule, only in Crete! And here they have already learned how to make from this fruit both unique products, and original cosmetics. For many it will be a discovery that not only Cretan olives, but also avocados are practically “live pharmacies”, capable of curing many diseases.

So, what is hidden in this unpresentable pear-shape dark-green fruit?

The most important is that avocado is a building material for human cells and tissues. It contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats, such vitamins as PP, A, C, K, E, folic acid, which have a good effect on the metabolic processes of the body, as well as microelements essential for health: iron, cobalt, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and sodium.

People, consuming avocados regularly, have excellent immunity, good mood and beautiful appearance: it’s proved by medical research in different countries.

For example, in Japan, scientists have shown a clear benefit of avocado for patients with liver disease. In the US, the first steps have been taken to study the effect of avocado on cancer cells: it was noted that this fruit is perfectly suitable for the prevention of oral cancer. The fat content in avocados is only beneficial: monounsaturated fats increase the level of “good” cholesterol, almost as much as olive oil and it’s very useful for the heart.

For those who follow a diet, fasting or is a vegetarian―it’s just an indispensable product containing 18 amino acids that form a protein. Avocado protects the eyes, because it contains carotenoids and large amounts of vitamin A. A unique combination of vitamins E and C, selenium, carotenoids, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and phytosterols provide anti-inflammatory effect. Fruit avocado helps prevent rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Avocado is a hit with the women. Among other things, this fruit contains biologically active substances similar to hormones. After 40 years, when the body begins to decline in the production of estrogen, eating avocados will help improve well-being and beautiful outlook. In gynecology, avocado treats certain types of infertility, frigidity and positively affects the increase in male potency.

In Crete, be sure to find natural cosmetics based on avocado oil from the family company-manufacturer “Lappa Avocado”, which began its history in 1984, planting 500 trees for manufacturing of avocado oil near the Cretan village of Argyroupoli. Currently, this plantation has grown to 2500 trees increasing in number every year. The experience, gained over the years, and the increased manufacturing of oil allowed the company to begin the production of natural cosmetics based on avocado oil of its own trademarks “Lappa Avocado” and “Crete beauty”. In the village, there is a well-known cosmetics store of the company. All cosmetics are natural, created according to family recipes. Every year, some tourists come especially to Argyroupoli for creams made from olive oil and avocados.

The company is the first and largest producer of organic cosmetics from avocado oil in Crete. The idea of organic cosmetics based on avocado oil originated from the mother of the owner. For many years she suffered from psoriasis. If one does not know, it’s a chronic non-contagious skin disease. The need to treat and alleviate her problems prompted the study more thoroughly the useful properties of avocado fruit oil, used for centuries to treat the skin and keep it toned.

So the Lappa Avocado brand was created in the summer of 1996, consisting of only 3 products: avocado oil, avocado oil soap, avocado oil-based body lotion manufactured without preservative products. Over time, thanks to the impeccable quality and demand for products, the range and quantity of natural cosmetics under the trademarks “Lappa Avocado” and “Crete beauty” is increasing.

Natural (organic) cosmetics company Lappa Avocado is aimed primarily at the audience with high sensitivity of the skin and allergic reactions to external exposure, as well as at everyone wanting to get an excellent result in moisturizing and nourishing his skin from head to foot.


Additionally to plantations with avocado trees, the drowning in greenery village of Argyroupoli is known for its creeks and waterfalls (fairly full-flowing springs) surrounded with taverns offering guests dishes from freshwater fish. Different eras have very curiously intertwined here.

In the regional unit of Rethymno, the village of Argyroupoli belongs to the municipality of Lappa and is about twenty-five kilometers away from the city of Rethymno. It can be easily reached by car, moving along the road south-west of Rethymno and being guided by the signs. On weekdays, there is a regular bus service from Rethymno Train Station to Argyroupoli.

The village is in the mountains, at an altitude of about 2 300 feet above sea level. The sea coast is about seven kilometers away from here. Once upon a time in the place of Argirupoli was a very rich and independent ancient city of Lappa. Romans, great lovers of water procedures, built baths and an aqueduct on local sources.

There were strong, enduring mercenaries from Lappa whose fame spread throughout Greece. To have such soldiers as his guards was an honor for every nobleman. The city garrison of Lappa was a formidable force, so the foreign invaders paced the city for a while until the time came. Only in 68 BC, the Roman troops under the leadership of Quintus Caecilius Metellus managed to occupy and destroy the rebellious Lappa. But already in 31 BC Lappa is experiencing a revival, becoming an even stronger and more significant city, erecting new buildings, thermal baths, and even minting its own coins. Only in 824 the history of the glorious Lappa is finished after the destruction of the city by the Arabs.

Argyroupoli survived its last stellar hour in 1878: it was here that the annexation of Crete to Greece was proclaimed. Since then, Argyruopoli is a quiet mountain village. Today its population is about 400 people. Tourists come here to admire the ancient ruins, enjoy the beauty of the famous springs and taste delicious dishes in taverns. It’s necessary also to mention about a famous two thousand years old plane tree growing in the vicinity of the village.


Argyroupoli (Αργυρούπολη):

DD 35.286750, 24.332361. DMS 35°17’12.3″N, 24°19’56.5″E

September 2018