Extend the summer

There is bright and hot all the summer. Crete slowly cools down in October… The sun is more restrained, the evenings are milder and nights cooler—the weather on Crete in October is very good. Almost until the end of the month, the temperature is during the day on average between +22 and +24° С, and on some days the thermometer can rise to +30° С. It should be borne in mind that the southern beaches and Gavdos are warmer and drier (being closer to Africa!) than the northern part of the island. The nights on Crete are also more or less warm: an average of about +17-+20° C but sometimes +13° C, so a light jacket in your vacation suitcase will be useful.

But what about the autumn rains?

Almost all of October is dry and clear. The sky can be gloomy for a maximum of 3-5 days during the whole month, and the sea does not happen to be more affectionate: on average the water is +23 ° С all month, so you don’t want to leave it. Footprints on the sand of a beach looking like a path towards the passed summer…

Hardly anyone wants to spend all days on the beach—there is so much interesting around! Wherever you stay—closer to Chania, Heraklion or to Agios Nikolaos—you can find everywhere traditional attractions and make unexpected, personally your discoveries. This is a good time to wander through the ruins of the palaces of Knossos and Phaistos, to travel along the mountain roads and explore the gorges of Samaria, Aradena or Richtis, to taste the wine of the new harvest! By the way, prices for excursions, rental cars and hotel rooms in October are significantly lower than in “high season”.

Summer festivals passed, but the Greeks love to arrange holidays so much that in October you have a chance to join one of them—the Chestnut Festival in the village of Elos, which is surrounded by chestnut groves. If you want to know more about the October holidays, visit our Facebook newspaper page.

There are no more crowded streets in towns, are fewer cars on the roads; and for some reason it is easier to connect to the unhurried rhythm of life here in October, enjoying every moment of it, savoring the leaving heat, vacation… and good wine in your glass.

How many degrees are there outside the window? Do you not want to extend your summer?