Greek passport in 4th place in the world

According to a recent Passport Index released by Arton Capital ( has found, The Greek passport is ranked  among the world’s top four strongest.

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The Greek passport is ranked in the fourth power rank of passports alongside Sweden, Singapore, France, Belgium, Norway and Malta.

Greece has outranked both Australian and United Kingdom passports, with Australian passports coming in 6th in the world power rank and the United Kingdom being ranked at the 5th.

The most powerful passport in the world belongs to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in rank 1, allowing travel to 176 countries, visa-free travel to 118 and visa on arrival to 58. Only 22 countries require a visa from UAE travelers.

The next two passport power groups include those form Finland, Luxemburg and Spain – rank 2 with access to 168 countries, followed by rank 3 with Denmark, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Ireland and the US – with visa-free travel to 167 territories.

The Greek passport opens doors to 166 countries, while securing visa-free travel to 124, visa on arrival to 42, and 32 countries requiring a visa.

The world’s weakest passports are from Syria ranked 91st, Iraq (92nd) and last on the list, Afghanistan (93rd) which gains access to 30 countries.

For information – the passport of the Russian Federation in the global ranking takes 37th place.