Crete gorges

For recreation, Crete Island may be chosen for various reasons. Someone is attracted by its history and beaches, while the nature of the island does not leave anyone indifferent.

The main and in many ways unique natural attraction of Crete are its mountains, stretching across the island. In the west, this is Lefka Ori, in the east is Dikti and Psiloritis Mountains lay in the center; and all of them are dissected by gorges. Some of the gorges are well-explored, and every year thousands of tourists visit them to enjoy canyoning. Other gorges remain “wild” and unexplored.

Crete is ideal for canyoning. The gorges and canyons of different complexity combine several types of relief and many natural beauties. In addition, they are cozier than the mountain plateaus: they will reliably protect against the sun on a hot day, and a stream always is running along their bottom, providing travelers with clean water. Canyoning in Crete will impress both professionals and beginners.

Terminologically, the canyon is a gorge the bottom of which is completely covered by the water flow. But in everyday life, both terms are used interchangeably. Moreover, during the rainy season or the melting of snow, most of the gorges in Crete become canyons.