And now we will count ….
1-2-3-4 and our sweet is ready! if you put it in glasses you enjoy it right away!
I like to pour it on a pyrex and cut it like a paste! Again, however, it does not take much time in the refrigerator. In a matter of hours you enjoy it!
Mix Amarino with sweetened milk. Next, we put them in a pyrex and layer ptibers biscuits over it.
We put one layer of cream and over one more series of biscuits.
Again cream and third layer of biscuits.
And one more layer of cream
Beat the cream until it becomes thick and fluffy.
We lay on our dish simply or with a cornet and crack on top biscuits.
And put it in the fridge for 2 hours. The most delicious cheesy sweet is ready!


Ag.Pelagia – Missiria- Rethymno
Cheese Dairy Kalogerou – Amari