Goat’s Tirozouli

Cheese is the favorite food of Cretans. Crete cheese is produced in excellent quality and only from goat or sheep milk. Cow’s milk is not used for cheese making in Crete. In Crete, goats and sheep are free grazing. Farm, where the animals are in stalls in Crete is simply no!

Goat’s Tirozouli

The excellent semi-hard white cheese, full of flavor and just 16% fat is ideal for light meals.

A fresh product, which is transported to the dryer immediately after its production in order to eliminate the moisture, is packed only 4 days after its production and is consumed immediately. Try the grilled or non-stick cookware and enjoy its smooth texture even after a while.



1 bread

small tomatoes

100 gr. Graviera Kritis grated

1 pepper

200 gr. Goat’s Tirozouli

Olive Oil


½  tsp. garlic powder



Cut the bread in horizontal and vertical slices, without going down. Open the bread with your hands and fill the gaps with cheeses &  vegetables. Put the bread. Put the bread on the baking dish, add the grated graviera and pour over garlic-infused olive oil. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 20’.

Recipes by Eva Parakentaki