Most people visit Crete in summer but here’s why you should go in (early) spring:

The weather is perfect

Summer gets very hot – up to 40C hot! Right now the forecast says mid April the average temperature is between 17 and 24 degrees. If you’re from Northern Europe it’ll basically feel like summer – it did to us anyway! Only summer clothes. If swimming in the sea is a must for you then late spring might be better because in April the water is still quite cold (around 17C). However temperatures are perfect for hiking gorges and visiting ancient ruins – these places tend to have no place to hide from the sun and will be unbearable in the heat.

Less tourists, more locals

During peak season even an island as large as this gets seriously overcrowded. You need to book rental cars in advance because they do run out regularly or you’re left with little choice.

Almost everywhere, wherever you are, you will be greeted with a huge smile, served as members of the royal family. Everywhere you will communicate with locals with pleasure and friendship. Forget about that when the island is full with tourists and you can barely get a seat in a cafe!

Mother nature is working her magic

The wild flowers everywhere. The smell intoxicating and they looked so beautiful. Whites, yellows, reds, purples – it make the island even more enchanting. In April you will also be able to see snowcaps on the Lefka Ori – the White Mountains. Also, orange and lemon trees are in abundance on Crete. It is heaven.