Multilingual Exlibris Library in Heraklion

The first Exlibris private multilingual library opened in the center of Heraklion in March of this year. Its task is to make public the latest, most famous books, magazines, comics and other print materials for an exciting and informative leisure, to support and unite the multinational community of Crete, to instill, and to support voracious reading.

At the moment the library fund consists of 1800 books in Russian, English, Greek, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Finnish. Books and magazines in Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Swedish and Danish will also appear shortly.

At the Exlibris library, everyone will find something to his liking: books for adults and children on various topics, such as detective stories, adventure books and novels, classics, science fiction, psychology, self-development books, cooking and garden literature, travel, health and non-fiction books, books on politics and religion, popular magazines, and fascinating comics.

By subscription you can get coloring books in the library (it makes free copies for its readers from popular pages of coloring books), as well as board games and puzzles.

The idea of ​​creating such a library was borrowed from Netflix media mogul. It lies in the fact that for a small subscription fee (from 10 euros per year), library readers get access to thousands of fascinating works with an average retail price 15-20 euros for each. The subscription fee received from readers is used to cover the rental of the library premises and the constant updating of its book fund. For example, there were 1200 books in the library on the opening day and at the moment their number has increased by 50%. The library acquires new books according to the wishes of its readers.

For readers who give their books to the library, a subscription is provided free of charge. There are also gift subscriptions—thematically designed reader cards will be the best gift for a book lover.

The library provides free of charge its premises for presentations of book novelties, seminars, educational activities for children and meetings of book clubs.

In recent years, the trend of “sharing” is gaining momentum in the world. For the sake of reducing consumption and with it the excessive spending of natural resources, people are trying to replace the purchase of a thing with its rental. The Exlibris library provides its readers with an opportunity to limit consumption and reduce costs without prejudice to their love of reading.

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Maria Efimova Barnabas


№ 5 (48), 2020

EXLIBRIS Private Library

2 Sapfous, 71202 Heraklion, Crete

T.: 2810-286-456, +306995607096