Easter, Spring, Crete

Tourists who whish to visit Crete in the spring often ask what time is better for it. There are many answers, but we recommend the week of Orthodox Easter bringing unforgettable impressions about the real life of the island and Greeks.

Easter in Greece is one of the most important religious holidays, therefore it is not surprising that there the church is not separated from the state, and Orthodoxy is a state religion. In addition, Easter is one of the favorite holidays celebrated in Greece solemnly and brightly. Although the basic church canons are strictly observed, yet, each of the regions in Greece celebrates Easter in its own way.

Easter is a spring holiday when nature is at the peak of its amazing beauty. The weather is good, neither cold nor hot: a great time for traveling. Perhaps this is not the best time to spend a holiday on the beach, but you will witness of wonderful Easter traditions and religious ceremonies.

Take away from Crete a lot of memories and impressions, and absolute certainty that you will definitely return to the island!