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Bonaparte on Crete

Is it a legend or true story? Let’s say at once – there is no documentary evidence. We shall begin by considering known facts. In 1797 the ambitious Napoleon Bonaparte was 28 years old. He planned to conquer Egypt: it was necessary for the defeat of Britain. From the Red Sea he intended to weaken […]

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History and myths

Cronus (Greek Κρόνος) was one of the Titans born from marriage of the primordial god Uranus (the sky) and the goddess Gaia (the earth) in the ancient Greek mythology. Fearing a prophecy that he would be doomed by his own child, he began to swallow all his offspring. Minos (Greek Μίνως) is the legendary king […]

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Ancient Greeks’ “way of life”

The fact, that the diet most directly affects the human well-being, was probably known in Egypt and Mesopotamia. But it just so happened that the ancient Greeks left most of all works about what and how to eat. Hippocratic body of writing (a set of works whose authorship is attributed to the “father of medicine”, […]

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