«The new Crete» Paper

Your are reading the first issue of «The new Crete», an informative and advertising free newspaper. As a business element the paper is focused on advancing of recognizability and brand awareness of The new Crete business.

Market research on Greek media revealed currently a lack of any Russian-speaking print media on Crete. It is suggested to edit the paper in a bilingual version with the purpose to reach a wider audience. Even with the existing English version the paper will generally address the Russian-speaking readers because of mindset of publishers and editorial staff which are Russians.

The paper will offer Cretan travel companies and Russian-speaking islanders long-term cooperation with this edition by publication of advertising and articles aiming at publicity, management, service and their merchandise.

Our free newspaper is primarily aimed travelers of all ages and interests, reading in Russian and English. In the summer time travelers need primarily information, however, the island visitor will have the opportunity to read with pleasure some short interesting articles.

Based on principle of the golden middle we have to combine on the newspaper’s pages the readers interest in exclusives articles and information with that of advertisers which have the possibility to present information on their own activities.

Providing the recognizability with efficiency in mind the editorial staff will convey and distribute edition on the whole island to ensure that printed by us advertising materials shell be reachable.

For access to primary information will be established cooperation with press services of regions administrations, prefectures of Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos, State travel agency, Russian and Ukrainian consulates (another consulates of Russian- and English-speaking countries), big travel agencies, airline companies, etc.

When creating the newspaper will not use foreign investment and cooperate with other Russian-speaking editions in Greece. Such a cooperation is possible at least only one year after the appearance of the first issue and its continues.

The newspaper will have some divisions:

News from Greece (Crete) and world news;

Local reports on cultural events in Greece (on Crete)

Interviews, sketches, travel reviews, useful information for travelers;

Unknown Crete;

One day travel

Shopping, leisure;

Business on Crete (Business catalog);

Notice board (free notices, in winter time or in extreme cases);

Greek lessons.

The newspaper has no means to support our fellow countrymen willing to tie their fates to the Greece, to settle here quickly in, because it is the aim of main Russian-speaking editions in Greece.

Publication frequency of newspaper is depended on two periods of 6 months. Summer period, April-September, and winter period, October-Mart.

It is suggested to start with monthly issue in winter time and bimonthly in summer.

The newspaper will be distributed initially via partners and friends of companies OPSTHENEWCRETE, AQUAROCK LTD by setting up advertising stands.

On stands will be laid out newspaper copies, advertising material of our companies and ads of hosts of the places were the stands will be located. Stand locations are movement spaces of Russian-speaking travelers like port, airport, restaurant, café, shopping center, hotel. Edition size will depend entirely on number of distribution points (including the stands).

Do You wont to broaden your customer base, to acquaint them with novelties and range of merchandise and services? The best way is cooperation with us!